Rivedoux plage

When arriving on the island of Ré and before joining the campsite, it is impossible to miss Rivedoux-Plage! This small village on the tip of Sablanceaux is located just outside the bridge that connects the island to the mainland. It is the first of the ten villages of Ré but also the smallest commune of the island! With its small harbor where the fishing lines and the plaices occupy the jetty, its oyster bay bathed by the waters of the pertuis Breton and Antioch, its beautiful sandy beaches which are the delight of lovers of sea bathing and sports Rivedoux-Plage is a small classified tourist station that has plenty of attractions!

Small discovery of the village of Rivedoux-Plage

During your holidays at the 3 star campsite Les Fougères in Rivedoux-Plage, you will have plenty of time to linger in this highly picturesque village. You will love strolling along the promenade of the small fishing port, strolling through the flowered alleyways, pacing the walkways of the market which is held every day in summer ... You will thus be able to imbue you with this atmosphere so calm and family which Characterizes so well the sweetness of life of this small enclave retakes. Rivedoux-Plage, are also cultural and artistic events that animate the village throughout the year for the pleasure of the holidaymakers.
If you like cycling, Rivedoux-Plage will be a point of Ideal starting point to discover the more than 100 kilometers of cycle paths that run around the village. Hiking enthusiasts will not be left behind and will be able to dabble along the numerous discovery paths surrounding them. On the way to the point of Chauveau where the lighthouse (the only lighthouse in the sea of ​​Charente-Maritime) stands, the walker discovers the small cliffs, the old fish locks and the foreshore which becomes at low tide the place of rendezvous Of the fishermen on foot!

The beaches of Rivedoux

A stone's throw from the center, two beautiful sandy beaches bordering the village are open to you. Every summer, they attract swimming enthusiasts and water sports enthusiasts. Between the bridge of the island of Ré and the port of Rivedoux, the north beach is very frequented by kitesurfers and windsurfers who find a spot of wind at 360 degrees! There are also a multitude of ocean activities such as fishing, sailing and walking along the coast. From the nautical club to the point of Chauveau, the south beach is a place very appreciated by the families who, after having put down their bath towel, will be able to indulge without restraint to the joys of the bathed supervised in season.

The campsite's favorites

The Chauveau lighthouse, which, from its 30 meters, dominates the southern tip of the island.
The oyster farms that unfold at low tide and the oyster festival that takes place at the month Of August in Rivedoux-Plage. The redoubt of Rivedoux, one of the four fortified places of the island of Ré built by Vauban in 1674.
The house of Hastrel and its tower, last The vestige of the manor having belonged to the first lords of Rivedoux (not open to the visit).
The tidal mill (19th century) of which there is only one storey building by the sea.